Super Gutters


5" and 7" SUPER GUTTER also known as Structural Gutter

In 1992 SUPER GUTTER and SCREEN became the first company to disconnect a screen enclosure from rotten fascia and not only change out this rotten fascia, but install a 5” Super Gutter System. The screen enclosure was modified or cut back to fit the new Super Gutter, and then reconnected thus adding a roof drainage system to the existing screen enclosure.

The Difference:
Super Gutter comes in 5” and 7” widths.
The difference between Super Gutter and Seamless Gutter (which is our other core product line) is that Super Gutter is 4x to 5x heavier gage aluminum thus stronger and is structural. It is engineered to support the weight of any screen enclosure and Hurricane rated to withstand winds up to 140 MPH. Super Gutter has a built in spline groove that holds the screen tight as well. It is available in bronze and white to perfectly match your enclosure.

seamless gutter


Since then, we have improved and perfected this process commonly called the retrofit process. We have added larger 7” Super Gutters, larger downspouts, 40 foot sections, aluminum seams, improved sealants and standardized the process to properly pitch all gutters for maximum roof drainage and aesthetics. We have also perfected the hinge screen enclosure bracing systems to protect them while disconnected from the home.

These are the reasons we have worked with all of the best roofers in the South Florida area to partner with them to add the best roof drainage systems to these existing screen enclosures in conjunction with the re roof process. Over 80% of our 600 retrofit jobs annually, are from roofer referral. Ray, the onsite supervisor for Graboski Roofing commented, “The crews at SUPER GUTTER and SCREEN just do a better job. They use the best components, are very clean, and always are there when we need them. Most importantly their systems work many years after the job is completed.”

Whether you have a roof diverter (which is a splashguard built into the roof that holds water and causes the roof to fail), rotten fascia, or a leaky existing Super Gutter, SUPER GUTTER and SCREEN, will provide a free estimate, and professionally and permanently provide the best Super Gutter roof drainage system on your home.

Advantages of a Super Gutter System properly installed on your Screen Enclosure:

  • Protects the roof and wood fascia
  • Stronger house connections with the gutter during a hurricane
  • Prevents mold and mildew from collecting on your patio
  • Provides a roof drainage system for your screen enclosure

The most important functional component of a screen enclosure is a properly installed Roof Drainage System! Simply stated, “They Improve Every Home.”

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